Nashik Valley Cosmeceuticals
  • Every minute 30,000 – 40,000 dead skin cells fall from your body! In a month’s time, your body has made a whole new layer of skin cells!!
  • The reason our lips are red is because the skin on lips is very thin and the blood vessels show through.
  • Every square inch of the human body has about 19,000,000 skin cells.
  • The skin releases as much as three gallons of sweat a day in hot weather.
  • Aloe vera plant can survive for more than 7 years without water. It takes the water for its survival and growth from the dew collected on the surface of its leaves.
  • In dermatological tests done, using jojoba oil, by Christensen and Packman, it was shown that jojoba oil increases the skin's suppleness by 45% and after 8 hours the effect was still present.
  • It was also found that jojoba oil softens and smoothes the skin with fine line reduction. In one test 20 women's skin compliance increased with 37% after 30 minutes and this remained so for an hour.
  • Research indicates that the vitamin E and antioxidants found in cocoa butter help remove wrinkles. Smoothing cocoa butter on problem areas helps smooth the skin, which provides a younger appearance.
  • Research shows that cocoa butter has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels since cocoa butter does not contain cholesterol.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 block 96.7 % UV rays whereas SPF 50 blocks 97% UV rays whereas SPF 80 & above block 98 % of UV rays! Hardly a difference to pay for that exorbitant cost!!